N Wales Co-Production Meet-up 3

Held at Conwy Business Centre on 27 November 2013 – our event focused on Co-Production in action!

The morning session focused on what it looks like, who’s doing it, how could it be used and what’s happening now… Our afternoon session had two participant-led open space workshop sessions on Time-Banking and Social Enterprise – 52 people attended.

Session 1: Co-Production in action, now! – Across Wales… Paul Swann, Policy Officer (Independent Living) Disability Wales & Interim Chair of Co-Production Wales. Paul shared news of what’s been happening in the coproduction community in other parts of Wales and further afield. To provide an example  of successful Co-Production in action, He also talked about the Welsh Government Policy: ‘Framework for Action on Independent Living’ based on the social model of disability. To view his presentation please click HERE
Session 2: ‘Thinking differently’ Gwynedd Council & new service delivery models using Co-Production Anwen Davies, Social Enterprise Liaison Manger, Gwynedd Council Anwen talked about Gwynedd Council’s approach to working with Social Enterprises, following the principles of co-production and creating ‘Win-Win’ scenarios. Click HERE to read the session report with data and visual minutes, and HERE to download Anwen’s presentation.

Session 3: Using Co-Production to drive change? Creating community transport solutions Lindsay Haveland, North Wales Support and Development Officer, Community Transport Association Wales Lindsay presented a real life case study and context for coproduction and community transport. We then held a group activity focusing on using coproduction to find solutions for the case study. Click HERE to read the session report with data and visual minutes, and HERE to download Lindsay’s presentation.

Session 4: Co-Production tools & future events Fran O’Hara shared the Local Area Coordination hand-drawn video she co-created with Monmouthshire County Council:

Session 5: Two interactive workshops on Time-banks and Social Enterprise
To read the report please click HERE
Workshop 1 ‘‘Time-banking: Setting up a new informal or formal Time-bank in North Wales?’
Time banking is an asset-based time-credit system which does not involve money, where people contribute their personal experience, skills and assets and receive credits from a time bank in return Led by Pam Luckock, the group held an open-space discussion, themes and identified areas for action.
Workshop 2 ‘Coproducing social enterprise: can people who use social care services take the lead?’ Facilitated by Anne Collis, at Barod, a new workers cooperative. We make things inclusive, particularly for people with learning disabilities.
Visual minutes were created by the fabulous Rachel Walsh from Scarlet Design