N Wales Co-Production Meet-up 4

Galeri, Caerarfon, 18 February 2014 – Open event.
The event focused on Co-Production in Gwynedd & Anglesey – the morning focused on what it looks like, who’s doing it, how could it be used and what’s happening 
now! Our afternoon session was an open-space time-banking discussion with Geoff Thomas, Time-banking Wales. Speakers shared insights and different perspectives – a learning event with everyone (61 people) contributing to discussions and the ‘big conversation’. Networking opportunities were built in, so people left with new connections, ideas and inspired! Free of charge event, or for those able to pay donations of £20.00 were requested to cover costs.


Ann Collis (Barod) provided ‘whispered’ descriptions, in more accessible language.

To view the event bilingual agenda please click HERE. Please click on the links below to view the presentations, videos of these and the event report will be available soon. Many thanks to Chris Bolton of www.goodpracticewales.com for writing a blog about the meet-up from a presenter and participants perspective – funny rugby/co-production comparison – we can highly recommend reading! ‘Whats the difference between Co-production and 6 Nations Rugby? ‘What’s the pont’ blog article.
– WLGA presentation
– Timebanking Wales Presentation
– Cynefin Presentation

– Cyflwyniad Bethan Mantell Gwynedd
– Antur_Stiniog Presentation
– Age Well Presentation
+Seiriol Presentation

Our next event is on April 2 in Flintshire, we look forward to seeing you there!
Thanks to our hosts & sponsors | Llawer o ddiolch i’n lluoedd a noddwyr y digwyddiad