North Wales Co-Production Meet-up 1

PAM2smUsing Co-Production to create self-empowered and resilient communities – Meet-up event 1

Over 40 people attended our first meet-up on July 15, 2013 at the Pavilion Theatre Rhyl – thank you to all who attended, making it a positive and engaging event. 

Several organisations and individuals in North Wales had expressed an interest in meeting up to discuss how co-production could be used to create self-empowered and resilient communities. This was an opportunity to get a group together and have a ‘big conversation’. Also, to build new connections and identify a group of people interested in taking the project forwards and grow Co-Production in North Wales. Pam & Fran were part of the ‘Communities Can 2012’ conference steering group and aimed to build on work started there. In addition to their recent co-production workshop with Flintshire C.C. and the Penderels Trust, and work with Denbighshire C.C.

MU1The event was split into two sections, the first hour with presentations providing background and scope. The second hour will be run in a ‘World Café’ format, with participants discussing key questions, recording their responses on table-sheets, co-creating a strategic vision map drawn by Fran.

Please email us to receive a copy of the North Wales Co-Production Meet-up outcome documents, and click below for Pam’s presentation:

Pam Luckock Presentation 15th July meet up 1

Thanks to Craig MacCleod/Denbighshire C.C. for providing the venue and refreshments.

Please email us HERE to with your comments and suggestions for future events, speakers or to set up a meeting.