OUR CASE STUDY: Communities Can 2012 Conference

What: A free 1 day conference for 227 people, to explore the use of coaching, co-production and time-banking to create well-being within the four convergence areas in North Wales and to examine the role of both the individual and the community within this.
Where: Park Eirias, Colwyn Bay
When: 2 May 2012
Who: The ‘Communities Can 2012’ Steering group in collaboration with Chwarae Teg. Delegates were drawn from Public Bodies, Private Sector organisations and representatives of communities within the four convergence areas of North Wales.

Communities Can 2012 Conference

Communities Can 2012 Conference

“What I see re-emerging is the ability to dream, to believe that one can make a difference, that one can set in motion forces that can transform.”
Dr Edgar Cahn


The conference was an experiment in putting principles into practice in relation to working collaboratively and exploring what could be achieved by a group of people meeting to hold conversations that matter.

This innovative and participatory conference was designed to explore the capacity of coaching and co-production to empower communities and increase well-being. The Regeneration and Sustainability Strategy set the context for a conference that would focus on coaching and co-production as ways to support the well being and resilience of North Wales communities. A ‘people pyramid’ style methodology was used to ensure the widest range of people was invited.

The conference was designed:

  • To empower communities to make a significant contribution to the well being and regeneration in North Wales.
  • To illustrate that coaching people, to recognise that they have something to contribute regardless of employment, age or academic ability, can foster well-being for the whole community.
  • To describe how time-banking can help people make decisions about what is important to them and how they wish to contribute to their community.

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