North Wales Co-Production Meet-up 2

Using Co-Production to create self-empowered and resilient communities – Meet-up event 2. To continue the conversations from our first meet-up we held a 2nd meet-up on 23/09/13 2013 at Glasdir Conference Centre, Llanrwst. Videos and the agenda are below.

1. Purpose of the meet-up?
To continue to grow co-production in North Wales, our 1 day training event provided participants with the opportunity to:

Learn more about Co-Production and what it is.
Learn how to start Co-Production and ways it can be used.
 Hear ‘real life’ case studies/stories, and how people overcame barriers.
Take part in ‘big conversations’ to ‘think differently’ and find solutions.
Connect with other people from North Wales and build relationships.
The connection between Co-Production and compassionate communities

2. What was the agenda?
10.00am Arrival, refreshments, networking
10.30am, Welcome & updates from Meet-up 1
Session 1:
Co-Production, what it is, how to start and real life stories.
• Pam Luckock – The ‘What’ and the ‘Why.’ What is Co-Production, why does it work?
• Fran O’Hara – The ‘How’ Co-Production in action, case studies, starting & engaging.
• Ally Cameron – Patient leader & active citizen, lived experience & Co-Production
• Penderels Trust – Penderels Trust Direct payments Co-Production world café
• Interactive participant activities: (1) template-mapping and planning co-production
projects (2) reviewing projects and identifying groups (3) creating support/learning teams
• What next? – Future conversations, shaping what they look like, who to invite
12.45pm Lunch, networking.
1.30pm Session 2: Using Co-Production to improve older people’s lives.
• Simona Florio
‘Healthy Living Club’ Lambeth case study
• Sharon Ombler-Spain – Starting and co-delivering a Co-Production with older people project for the Kings Fund, and other co-production projects from across the UK
• Interactive participant activities:
(1) Older People in N Wales and Wales-wide co-production landscape mapping (2) Asset-mapping (3) World café ‘how can Co-Production be used to improve older people’s lives?’
• Action-planning – the way forwards, action-planning using visual templates
3.15pm Session 2 ends: Refreshments and networking.
3.45pm Event finishes.

3. Who attended
Anyone interested in learning more about or using Co-Production; in particular anyone in the 6 counties across North Wales, but all are welcome!