OUR CASE STUDY: Flintshire & Wrexham Co-Production Workshop

What: ‘Introduction to Co-Production’ Workshop
Where: Flintshire County Council Offices
When: 4 April 2013
Who: Penderels Trust & Flintshire & Wrexham County Councils

Project Background


We led a half day workshop with a group of people from the Penderels Trust, Flintshire and Wrexham Social Services. It was designed as a learning and information gathering event, using visual techniques to share and capture the information in the room.

1. Introduction to Co-Production

Pam Luckock presented her co-production story, explaining what co-production is and how it can be used, and how time-banking relates to it. Fran created visual minutes while she spoke.

Pam Luckock's Co-Production Story

Pam Luckock’s Co-Production Story

2. World Café Conversation

We created flip-charts with clear definitions of Co-Production and Time-banking to make sure everyone was clear what we were talking about.

what is co-pro

time bank

Participants undertook 3 rounds of questions, writing all their responses on the table-sheets. Each table’s host fedback the ‘Big Conversation’ from their group, which were captured on the visual map by Fran, focusing on 3 questions.

Co-Pro QU

3. Capturing the knowledge in the room

talk toParticipants were asked to answer the question – ‘Who should we be talking to now?’ and write their ideas and suggestions on speech bubble cards.


4. ‘How Co-Pro are you?’ Dot voting activity

We included an evaluation activity for participants to fill in during the workshop, to assess how much co-production the group were doing.

For more information:
Stephanie Walsh, Flintshire Office, Penderels Trust  Email: swalsh@penderelstrust.org.uk
Mark Cooper, Flintshire County Council  Email: Mark_Cooper@flintshire.gov.uk
The World Café: www.theworldcafe.com

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