North Wales Dementia Meet-up 1 Summary Report

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Education and Inclusion – Information and inspiration to create more informed, inclusive communities and improve dementia care and support in North Wales.

Thank you to everyone for attending or supporting our Working With Not To’ North Wales Dementia Meet-up 1. We have completed the report which we hope you find useful. You can view it by:


Welcome to our summary report, created to share knowledge, learning and inspiration. Firstly we want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came, supported and contributed – you created an amazing meet-up.

This report is a summary of what we did, and how we did it. Hopefully inspiring people to have a go themselves, and do things in new ways. We have a lot more data that is in separate reports, as this one is already 32 pages! Email or phone us to talk more about these please. Its up-to-date, North Wales-specific information from people who use and deliver services, and we all want it to be used to bring real change.

Pam and I worked with Chris, his family and our community to create a genuinely co-produced meet-up. We’re proud so many speakers were people with dementia, their carers and families, and able to be positive role models and authentic voices. 3 speakers on day 1 and 15% of our 95 attendees have dementia. It’s so important people who are experiencing dementia are given opportunities to contribute and tell their stories. Many are in our overview video ( with more videos on our youtube channel. We had no funding, and the paid ticket and stand fees enabled us to offer 50% of attendees free tickets. Real learning took place and 4 people were trained as Dementia Friends. Everyone took part in conversations as equals, providing us with invaluable insights and lived experience to create realistic and appropriate actions. If you would like to join our community please do contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Directors, ‘Working With Not To’ Co-production Project


How can you help us?

We need to know how the Dementia Meet-up has impacted or changed things for you! Please answer our questions and we will use this information in our presentations, and funding and support applications to evidence how we have made a difference. We are interested in finding out anything that you wish to share, no matter how small.

We really want to know…

  1. How has the Dementia Meet-up changed or impacted you, your life or work?
  2. What small or large actions have you done since the Dementia Meet-up?
  3. What has the Dementia Meet-up inspired you to do?
  4. Did you make any new or useful connections or friends at the Dementia Meet-up?
  5. What has the Dementia Meet-up made possible?
  6. What would you find useful or interesting at the next Dementia Meet-up?

Your answers will really help us to show how an non-funded event co-produced by citizens and people with dementia and their families and carers can make a difference. Once we have your feedback we’ll finalise the report and print copies for all attendees. Thank you!