We offer a wide range of workshops to support people to start and grow their Co-Production projects. We customise our process and content to make sure it engages everyone as much as possible and achieves your aims. We also facilitate events, act as discussion partners and co-design processes and materials.

Ideal for organisations who are starting Co-Production. A key element of Co-Production is involving people from the START, getting a group of people together for conversations that matter and ending with action plan is an ideal method to do this.

We use visual-led participant-centred methods to make the sessions as inclusive as possible, and they can be delivered in Welsh or English, to small or large groups:

Part 1

  • ‘WHAT Co-production is’
  • ‘HOW it can be started’
  • Real life relate-able case studies

Part 2

  • What would you like your Co-Production project to look like?
  • Planning and starting
  • Working with others to achieve your aim

Ideal for projects where there is a range of stakeholders, who may be required to work in different ways, possibly for the first time.

  • difficult conversationsWhat is Co-Production
  • Who else is doing it and how (relateable case studies)
  • Asset mapping using visual templates
  • Creating our Co-Production Story: what do we want/need to achieve?
  • Making it happen: strategic planning session using large-scale custom templates
  • Who needs to be involved?
  • Our next conversations are…

Resulting in groups/organisations having a strategic map of their project to take them to the next stage. It can also be used to communicate the project to get people involved, secure funding and get people engaged!

fredaWe can create custom workshops to achieve your aims, please contact us to discuss your project, we are happy to be a thinking partner, share examples and create a proposal:

  • to engage with specific groups and areas.
  • to move projects forwards that need re-energising or are ‘stuck.’
  • to hold conversations between stakeholders that require a neutral area.
  • to communicate and demystify what Co-Production is to convince people to become involved.
  • to get a community, organisation or event attendees group together to discuss how they could Co-production to achieve their aims

A workshop focusing how equality, human rights and Co-Production are connected.

A workshop focusing methods and tools to engage your specific group

More information on our workshops and training is available in other sections of this site thank you.