Through her career experience Pam has considerable expertise in training and coaching individuals, teams and organisations, she is also an ILM level 7 coach. Fran O’Hara is a trained visual facilitator and post-compulsory teacher. We are both trained coaches and action-learning facilitators, if you would like to set up a Co-Production action-learning set please contact us.

buidlingWe offer a range of training to support co-production, engagement, community development and citizen engagement, using current local, national and international case studies. Courses can be run individually, or we can create a custom course. Our training is offered in 1-1, group, team, in-house, open and e-learning options:

  • Introduction to Co-Production: the principles, context and methods
  • Co-production & Commissioning: a one day workshop
  • Co-production & Facilitation: Methods and being ‘agents for change’
  • Co-production & Citizen Engagement: involving everyone in the decision-making, creating engaging communications
  • Co-production & Community Building: Using co-production to build resilient and sustainable communities
  • Co-production & Social Enterprise
  • Co-production & the World Café method
  • Co-production & Coaching and mentoring 
  • Co-production & Action-learning
  • Co-production & VIsual facilitation: methods to engage and capture people’s voices
  • Co-production & Equality: FREDA principles, equality, and having inclusive conversations

More information on our training is available in other sections of this site.