‘Working With Not To’

square coproductionWe are launching this website in response to our ‘Using Co-Production to build resilient and self-empowered communities’ Meet-up 1. It is an independent online space for us to share our event outcomes, resources and information effectively; and importantly, for conversations and sharing to take place with/by the wider community.

 It will be a mix of sharing the learnings from our work, and resources and connections that could help our Co-production community. Help us to build a valuable and active online learning space. Please tell us what you would like or need to see on the website, to grow Co-production knowledge, activity and ACTIONS… To make it a valuable resource we really want to include YOUR co-production references, stories and models. Please contact us and we promise to add, and to credit the sharer. We are still building it, many areas are incomplete and with glitches! We are also working towards making all our materials bilingual and more accessible and appreciate your patience with this.

What next…

Thank you, we look forward to co-producing valuable things with you and having conversations that matter. ”We are the ones we have be waiting for” – let’s not wait any longer, lets start today!

“I love the fact that, whenever people get together with good will, all sorts of spin-offs & ideas & help appears – like magic! Thank you both again for your hard work & effort in spreading a very important idea at a time when co-production has never been so badly needed.”

Attendee at the North Wales Co-Production Meet-up 1


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