S Wales Co-Production Mini-Meetup 9 – Primary Care and the Environment

When: 4 February 2015, 9.30am – 12.30pm, lunch to 1.30pm.
Teas/coffees provided, bring/buy your own lunch.

Where: Wallich Centre, Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9JF.

Who: Hosted by Pam Luckock and Fran O’Hara, Directors, the
‘Working With Not To’ project (WWNT). Co-hosted by Diana
Reynolds, Sustainable Futures Development Manager, Welsh Government.

What: Welsh Government officials are considering how they can apply the principles of co-production to their ordinary, everyday meetings. They have come up with an idea that they are calling ‘three question chairing’. Now they’re sharing this idea more widely and will be using ‘three question chairing’ to co-host, with WWNT, our second discussion about ‘Co-production, Primary Care and the Environment’ – its a FREE event sponsored by 1000 Lives Improvement.

In October 2014 we held a similar event in Llandudno, our North Wales Mini-Meet Up 8, attended by a broad range of people from citizens to WAO, NHS, Welsh Government, NRW and more… We’d love to have the same diverse range of voices in this conversation, please share with your connections and come along!

For further information download our WWNT_CoPro_Mini_Meetup9 PDF.

To book a place please complete and return the WWNT_MeetUp9_Booking_Form or contact us.

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