N Wales Co-Production Meet-up 5

Thank you to Flintshire County Council and Wales Audit Office for their support.

Our meet-up focuses on Practical Co-Production – who’s doing it, how to make it work, and real tools and resources. A learning event with a mix of speakers sharing insights and different perspectives, and workshops with everyone contributing to discussions and the ‘big conversation’. Everything will be captured and shared after the event.

9.30     Refreshments and connecting
10.00    Welcome: Co-Production overview, the principles and introduction
Pam Luckock, Director ‘Working With Not Co-Production Project
‘Who’s in the room’ everyone introduces themselves to the group

Workshop 1: Co-Production and Commissioning
10.15    Co-Production Commissioning and Well-being presentation
Craig Macleod, 
Senior Manager: Commissioning and Performance,
Social Services, Community Services, Flintshire County Council
10.30     Q. “What does ‘good commissioning’ look like? How can we get there?’
Group discussion/flipchart ideas stations session on co-production commissioning
11.20     Refreshments and connecting

Workshop 2: Co-Production, Health and Time-banking
11.40     Direct payments and Co-Production citizen success story, Penderls Trust
11.50     Health and Time-banking presentation
12.05     Co-production and Health/ and Time-Banking, World Café style group discussion

12.55pm   LUNCH.
Bring your own lunch. We can provide packed lunch for those people who
are unable to bring lunch, please let us know.

1.55pm    Co-Production Tools and Resources – what’s out there?
Our assets and knowledge, group information sharing session
– Fran O’Hara, Director, ‘Working With Not To’ Co-Production Project
– Dyfrig Williams, Good Practice Exchange Officer, Wales Audit Office

Workshop 3: Co-Production and Housing
2.25pm     Short presentations from 3 speakers, Q&A, followed by an open space group    conversation, with captured discussions for a post event report:
• Supported Tenancy/Homeshare: Mark Williams, Cymrus Rhan,
• Co-production practice in housing, examples & top tips! David Lloyd, TPAS Cymru
• Age-Friendly Communities in Wales/Homeshare.
Alan Hatton-Yeo, Beth Johnson Foundation, Homeshare board
4.00pm    Event ends

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