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We are responding to Chris’ challenge – What can we all do? We can all do THIS. Using our definition of co-production:

‘A group of people, working with each other from the start, as equals, to achieve a goal.’


  • To asset map the information, support and provision currently available for people with dementia, their carers and families. To collate the data into a research report.
  • To identify key issues for people with dementia, their carers and families and potential solutions.
  • To map a Dementia Care Pathway for North Wales, for the people with dementia, their carers and families.
  • To build a learning community and database, which we hope will lead to a N Wales Dementia network. Also, an action research group.
  • To train a group of people to become Dementia Friends.
  • To build the understanding and confidence of people with dementia, their carers and families to become more visible and vocal citizen voices, advocates and speakers.
  • To create a model design of a dementia friendly, inclusive event, and an agenda where everyone is included and can contribute.
  • To promote Dewis with a team, stand and ipads to input data and identify needs and gaps in N Wales.

Facilitators group

Chris and Jayne are UK leads in Dementia research, awareness raisin and champions. They speak all over the world sharing their stories and expertise on living with early onset dementia and its impact. They, and their connections, are a huge asset to North Wales. Now they want to do something closer to home and need all our help to make this happen. The meet-up agenda has been co-produced with Chris and Jayne to utilise their knowledge and connections to achieve specific aims.

We want to change how dementia and end of life care is delivered right now, and in the future. Where everyone is included and enabled to participate and contribute to the communities they live in. The outcomes and information collated will impact and influence wider groups of people.

We’ll use visual-led inclusive methods developed during our ten WWNT ‘meet-ups’ to engage, have ‘conversations that matter’ and capture people’s views. ‘What matters’ to people is at the centre, using what we have – an ABCD (asset-based community development) approach. Thanks to everyone for their support, now it is over to you…

This is a co-produced independently-funded event. Please share and encourage people to come, promote the free citizen places and buy tickets.
– Pam Luckock & Fran O’Hara, Directors ‘Working With Not To’ Co-production Project

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