Why is Co-Production important?

Co-Production is currently being actively promoted in Wales as a offering a different and more effective way of delivering services, by involving everyone in the design of the service/project FROM THE START.

—It’s Urgent !

Why? Co-Production:
  • —Moves to values based approach to service commissioning, delivery and evaluation
  • —Improves effectiveness of service delivery
  • Increases collaboration and partnership across agencies, sectors and communities
  • —Increases citizen engagement
  • Revitalises communities and empower individuals
  • —Responds effectively to major Public Sector cuts

…And gives everyone an equal voice.

An Assets-based approach

—In ‘Joining the Dots’ a paper commissioned by Think Local Act Personal, Lucie Stevens of the New Economics Foundation (NEF) writes:

“Co-production is an assets-based approach which starts first and foremost with people’s energy, skills, interests, knowledge and life experience. By doing this co-production connects public services with valuable community-based resources and opens up opportunities for improving outcomes without increasing costs.”

We need YOUR Co-Production Stories

People can understand why Co-Production is a ‘good thing,’ and stories can communicate ‘what’ Co-Production is and ‘how’ to start and do it. Relateable models and success stories can educate and inspire. Our team are currently compiling case studies and compelling stories of examples of Co-production in action, which we will share on the site in the near future. We have been asked to share ‘real life’ stories, showing successes and also where the barriers were and how these were overcome.

bagsPlease help us to produce the widest range of stories possible, and click contact us to email your experiences, links and recommendations. Thank you.