Project Background

The ‘Working WIth Not To’ project is being run by Pam Luckock and Fran O’Hara, it is an independent, self-financing project offering resources, training and events to grow co-production. We view ourselves as learning partners, and catalysts for connecting people and organisations, so together we can find ways to think differently and navigate the new landscape. In May 2012 we were part of the team co-designing and delivering the Communities Can 2012 conference, which started the momentum for this work.

Our Co-Production definition

Our definition of co-production in its simplest form is:

‘A group of people, working with each other, from the start, to achieve a goal.’

Thank you, and we look forward to co-producing valuable things with you and having conversations that matter. ”We are the ones we have be waiting for” – let’s not wait any longer, lets start today! A quote from a participant at the first meet-up shows how easily we can make progress and start thinking differently, by listening and having conversations that matter:

“I found it inspiring & very helpful & hope to pass on Fran’s Birmingham experience to my friend who is a social worker for Flintshire. I do some voluntary work with her “My Life, My Way” group of elderly. As luck would have it I was seated with Lorraine Bruce who has sent up a Co-production type group in her village of Trefnant. I have been thinking about forming a “connections” network in my own village & she has given me her contact details so as to be able to help me get started. I love the fact that, whenever people get together with good will, all sorts of spin-offs & ideas & help appears – like magic! Thank you both again for your hard work & effort in spreading a very important idea at a time when co-production has never been so badly needed.”

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