Who we are

The ‘Working With Not To’ project is co-produced by Pam Luckock and
Fran O’Hara, providing resources and events to grow Co-Production.

We aim to model co-production in our working methodology: working together, from the start, to solve problems – combining expertise and experience to grow Co-production.

We are passionate about the difference Co-production can make, and aim to provide tools to support people and organisations. We act as catalysts to start conversations, acting as discussion partners to help people to think differently, and then work together create actions to start and take projects forward.

Pam has a seemingly limitless wealth of knowledge and experience, and importantly, understands the culture and climate of North Wales; leveraging this, with her connections, to ‘open doors’ and make things happen. Whilst there are many valuable resources in other areas of Wales, in the UK and globally, Pam believes that our ‘Working With Not To’ project can provide a vital resource and voice for North Wales that is currently missing:

“We’ve got fabulous resources here, we need a voice in North Wales to influence the co-production agenda.”

Fran brings visual-led participant-centred communications and engagement skills learnt from working for Disney for 4 years in Hong Kong and LA; and 16 years running Scarlet Design (www.franohara.com). She places story-telling and clear accessible communications at the heart of her work, aiming to ensure people are communicated with in the best way possible.

Fran also has a strong background in strategic planning and visioning, using these to help people to work out what they want to, how they want to do it and how to communicate it with others. She works across a range of sectors, and uses the learnings to inform our work. As a team our complimentary skills and experience provide ways to think differently, start projects and grow them to fruition.

We are an independent and non-political company, bringing flexibility and fresh thinking to create actionable solutions.