Pam Luckock

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Pam Luckock

Pam is an experienced PSMW trained facilitator, action learning set adviser and ILM 7 coach, she is able to lead and support organizational and cultural change. She is a qualified mediator with wide experience of conflict resolution within NHS organisations. Since retiring form her NHS post Pam is now exploring ways in which she can continue to contribute my knowledge, skills and experience within her local community and actively grow co-production in North Wales.

She works as a consultant with Fran O’hara as part of the Scarlet Design team, co-designing and delivering the ‘Working With Not To’ project and workshops, coaching and a range of other engagement projects.

Her interest in co-production developed whilst working as a strategic NHS equality and human rights manager.  She is a member of the NESTA, Wales Coproduction Network and the ‘All in this Together’ Wales group. In 2012 she became the first chairperson of Patchwork Circles, “a North Wales network for all interested in developing collaborative working and co-production models of service delivery”.  During this year Patchwork Shares was established as a time bank for the coastal regeneration area of North Wales.

In 2012, as Co-director of Coaching Well and with the generous support of many people, Pam co-designed and delivered Communities Can 2012, a conference to explore the use of coaching and coproduction to empower communities and create well being. In addition to 250+ delegates the conference welcomed to North Wales as guest speakers, Professor Edgar Cahn, Dr Chris Gray and Dr Neil Wooding.

During her NHS career Pam worked for 30 years as a biomedical scientist in Immunology and Biochemistry prior to having the privilege to move into strategic equality roles. Pam retired from the NHS Centre for Equality and Human Rights in 2012 where our purpose was: ‘Supporting NHS Wales to provide quality healthcare services that meet the different needs of people and tackle inequality’


In 2013 Pam was invited to become a Trustee on the Board of North Wales Regional Equality Network (NWREN). Pam summarises her current mindset as:

“I suppose old habits die hard and in my new semi retired status, I continue to think of myself as a ‘change agent’! I feel very fortunate to have a portfolio career that involves me working sometimes as a Consultant, Coach and Facilitator and at other times volunteering my skills and experience to promote co-production, compassion and equality and human rights. I value my personal time and enjoy spending time with friends and kindred spirits, quilting, practicing mindfulness and discovering a whole new world of interests. It’s no secret that I am a great fan of Twitter! @luckockp

Specialist areas of expertise:

  • Equality and Human Rights in Public Bodies
  • Action Learning Set adviser
  • Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • World Cafe
  • Mediation
  • Connecting, networking, enabling
  • Co-production